Everything’s on Fire.

You see the moon? It will dissapear by dawn and be replaced by the sun. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t finish your homework, if you didn’t clean your room, if you didn’t pray Asr.

The sun will rise. It is beyond your control.

Do we sit, therefore, hours in advance of dawn worrying about the sun rising?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Why do we, as humans, worry constantly about things beyond our control? Like the sun rising every single day, life has been pre planned like that.

Stressed before results night? Stressed after an interview? Stressed at a decision beyond your control that will effect your life?

Look up. The sun will always be there. Firey glow. And it’ll go at the time it is meant to.

Allah has every step written out for you and your life can only go according to His plan. And His plans are infinitely better than yours. We see the current problem, and He sees a current failure resulting in more successes in the future.

You just gotta jump and fall sometimes. Because, guess what? It’ll all work out in the end, wherever your ‘end’ may be.

(A reminder to myself Insha’Allah.)


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