‘Dear GOD, get to the point!’

-everyone who has ever met me ever.

I’m not a fluid speaker. Words come better to me via text. It’s how I am, the eight world wonder, the mystery Sherlock wouldn’t solve. It’s annoyed many and fascinated few.
I treat Life like my words.
I can plan things to perfection and beyond, in theory. The page to screen transferal process is messy.

While talking, I come up with more succinct or impressive ways to explain whatever you may be unfortunate enough to have asked me about. Or I think of another, more impressive topic to go on to while you sigh and say the title of this piece to me.
That’s my character quirk. It’s not a quirk in making choices.
It’s a path of confusion that generally, six times out of ten, blows up in my face.
You gotta have focus. If you plan on taking a journey you either go the whole way or come back. Wondering whether you’d rather go left instead of right while you’re driving up to the junction will just result in accidentally going straight.
By all means admire the scenery. Don’t let it distract you.

It’s absolutely okay to go left. Plan it into your route left. Poor decision power will just drive you somewhere you’d never want to go.

I’m not a good decision maker as well as conversationalist. I’ve seen my life go like my conversations, in circles, or somewhere I’d never intended to go to.
‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iβ€”
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.’
-Robert Frost.
I’m taking a map with me this time. My route is planned as is my words.


  1. I am same like you. Before reading your post and the comments, I used to think may be I am the one of my kind πŸ˜›
    admire the scenery. Don’t let it distract you… Beautiful thought. Very well expressed post and the quote at the end is spot on ! ❀


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