2014: What should we take with us?

Let’s appreciate the year gone.

New year’s is all about, well, the new year.

Why turn the page when you don’t quite understand what was on the last one? What did I learn this year? Let’s talk about that.

I turned many corners this year and I want to appreciate them. This year has, like 2013, been one of change. Yes, it was less violent change, but change nevertheless. I’ve become a better person, not perfect, beyond perfect, but better than 2013. I love some New Year Resolutions, but overall, I strive to be better. And I am better. Just not where I want to be exactly.

1. I learned early on in the year it is okay to fail. It is okay to not succeed. I thought that was it. But I was taught later on this year that it is okay to fail if you have tried your absolute, 100% best. You give what you get. If you put in 0% you will get 0%. Never aim to ‘get by’, aim to surpass the limits.

2. I don’t trust easily. I still don’t trust easily, but this year, I have learned trust is give and take. If you are given trust, it is okay to give trust back. I didn’t want to accept this, but when you do give trust, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and you are taking a risk. And that is okay. Just make sure you accept it was the right thing to do, in the end.

3. I always believed in this, but I never really put it into motion until now. Do not be afraid to break society’s barriers. You be who you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and do NOT give a single damn about what Aunty X or Uncle Y is saying about you.

4. Continuing from 3, it is okay to be totally selfish. You can NEVER please everyone. It is impossible. Make a couple of deserving people your priority, but you should be number one. Your happiness, health and wellbeing should be first. You don’t have to be the angel. You are important too.

5. Contrary to 4, I also learned random acts of kindness are the best thing you can do for yourself. Giving strangers directions, putting things back in their rightful place, being courteous to everyone and taking care of your neighbours are easy things we can all do. We all have bad days, but don’t take it out on the poor woman asking where the bus is going! It’s not just the ‘right thing’ to do, it puts you in a better place internally, you feel better about yourself and with little effort you solve other people’s problems.

6. If something scares you, or if you feel like you can never do it, DO IT. The reward if you succeed is worth it. If you fail, you know you at least tried. Regret is an awful thing.

7. Relationships are not free. Every single relationship is like an engine; if you don’t oil it, it breaks down. Take this principle and apply it to your relationships. The friends/family you lose are usually a result of not oiling the engine; you pick up the phone and message them first. Don’t wait to be appreciated, reach out, and someone will respond accordingly.

8. Finally, happiness is never achieved. It is always there, you just have to decide to chose it. Wake up every day and decide straight away that it will be a good day. If you take a positive approach to everyday, everything that will come your way will seem like it was meant to come your way, bad/good.



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