thought dumping

Really resonated with me.. No matter what, stay true to yourself.


It’s 3 am and you’re probably asleep. Or maybe you’re not, I can never tell anymore.

There was a time, when I thought I caught a glimpse of the inner recesses of your heart. Whatever went wrong, made you retreat to a safer distance. I know I’ve lost the right to see within. I know that.

But I cannot forget what I saw. Letting go has never been my forte, so before I can let you close this last chapter, there are a few things I want to say:

If you are sensitive, stay that way; let it make you empathetic. Open your eyes and heart to the plight of the world around you. Be compassionate; better to be so than to be callously indifferent.

If you are child-like, stay that way. For though seemingly vulnerable, the skill to see the world with wonder, is a skill few have left…

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