Abandoned at the Bookstore.

I spend a lot of time in bookstores. Not libraries, they don’t have the same feeling. It helps me calm down and find inner peace, for some reason. It’s comforting to be surrounded by so many words, new, unopened and unread.

I always look for books that have changed my life. I walk by them, check in on them, and make sure they’re doing well- updated covers, set at eye-level and ready to be bought and loved.

Except one time, I realised something. I realised I was walking past a good few shelves, where there were books I have seen years prior, but they don’t get a visit from me. Nor have they been picked up by, well, many people.

Waiting to be picked up.

Some people may feel like a normal book. The book that isn’t a bestseller.

You’re not. If a bookstore was emptied of all the books that weren’t hits, it would be empty.

You were worked on. You were lovingly produced, cared for and published. You are valuable.

Don’t wait to be a bestseller. You’re capable of great things.



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