Political Correctness vs. You’re too sensitive?

Hola, after another hiatus I return to drop this, and scuttle off and hide and prepare for finals.

This has been eating me, so it is better that I leave this here and move on with life.

Recently, this whole ‘political correctness is taking away our freedom of speech’ has been bothering me. A lot.

Basically, without giving much away, I brushed shoulders with political correctness in terms of disability, i.e. poking fun at less abled folk. And it bothered me that it wasn’t seen as a serious issue, no one takes her seriously anyway right?

I pushed the matter away.

Then I came across this Facebook video. And I really stopped for a second to hear him out.

I can’t verbalise exactly why it bothers me so much, so I scrolled through the comments (usually something you shouldn’t do). This one girl said what I was thinking, and put it into words.

People absolutely have a right to be offended. Especially when the joke being made is part of a systemic cultural belittling of various groups to withhold your power. It stops being funny.

That is why fat people, women, disabled, religious minorities or race jokes are not funny. Their antheses in society are powerful, prefered and liked above all others, and these jokes and jabs add to a layer of dehumanising and distancing yourselves from these real people who are truly second class in society.

Making fun of a white person does not have the same effect as making fun of an Arab, or a Mexican. You’re just turning these people, who are already looked down upon, into nothing more than props for your joke.

I have no elaborate story for why political correctness is vital.

It simply means every race, gender, culture, human is respected, especially those lower down in the food chain.


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