Sixteen: Lessons for a Teenager #4

Sweet sixteen

In Loving Memory of you.

Case is closed.

I stopped staring at the shattered


Wishing it to reform.

I started picking up the pieces

One by one by one.

I wasn’t alone.

Angels wearing masks

Giving life to the

dead girl walking.

The shattered remains

Tried to slice through

your army of Angels.

Out of desperation.

Six degrees in, and this is the end.

Hopeless case saved by hopeful Angels

Those were the good ol’ days.

Everything was whole again.

Yet I couldn’t seal it for life.

You’ve been wronged.

Look at the heart.

Is it whole?

Forgiveness will keep your heart whole.

Revenge will steal some of your heart

For its own. 

Ego can be vicious

Your vision will become distorted

Grudges are simply

smudges on your soul

made with a permanent ink.

For beautiful things are to be admired.

Not thrown away.

You have been revived.

L’essence du pardon.

C’est vraiment magnifique.


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