Boundaries, enclosures, some might even say walls.

Tsunami like, things have changed yet again. You reach a point where you realise what you’ve allowed to happen to yourself. Those floodgates open, and don’t ever close. I’ve always maintained on this blog and in general life that changes, or updates, are always a positive thing. It’s only hit me now how true that rings.

You have nothing to fear from this world. You have no reason to hold back. Once you prioritise this dunya, you simply create your own borders.

Society, culture and even the people you surround yourself with can create these insurmountable borders. You can’t see beyond them, only the rut you’ve trapped yourself in. And no, there’s no one to blame except yourself. You set your priorities, according to how you see fit. Don’t ever compromise yourself for something so fleeting as this world. It will never be worth it.

Set your own borders, and don’t knock ’em down.


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