in which she doesn’t even know anymore and is ready to move planet because the naive optimism in the human race has finally drained

Due to the consistent and quite frankly, unflappable persistence of many of my friends, I finally watched Charlie Brooker’s, ”Black Mirror”. There’s no cute way to describe it, it’s our world on drugs and the technology is in the hand of evil people. Look, go watch it, I’m not gonna sit here and come up with some newspaper worthy summary, I don’t get paid for this.

You’re filled with a sense of impending dread for the future because 2016 in its entirety has happened. Fear has won, hate trumped love. Yet as I am, I was optimistic. Things surely could not get any worse. And as the bloody narrator would say, little did she know, things were to slowly get much worse.

When you stop ignoring the chaos and actually take it in, appreciate what damage is being done and how no one seems to care, it sucks. I thought we were better than this. I thought we grew as a society beyond barbaric cruelty over trivial things like power and money.

Oh, of course not, no.

That would be too easy, too logical, too humane.

Aleppo is burning. Okay, yeah, it’s a cute hashtag. There’s actual kids and women and men trapped there where it rains bombs instead of water and they’re literally not going to be okay, not today, not ever. Those of us who even know what Aleppo is, are trapped with no control and power and we’re expected to stand on the sidelines and watch. The other half of the population is scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds, tagging similarly blind and starry-eyed comrades in memes or cat videos, whilst those who have the control and power are free to reign. Let loose while we’re cycling into oblivion for nil, zero, nada, thinking everything is quite alright so long as I get my paycheck at the end of the week or my passing grade in a degree that guarantees and constitutes my safety in society and my Netflix subscription is paid for. The news is boring after all, it’s only ever about people dying and politics. It doesn’t mean anything. And they’re in good hands, right? Those hands are the very hands killing them off, one by one and all we just do is sit by and watch and we’re kind of okay with it because it doesn’t affect me, myself and I.

Oh, it’s all kind of like that episode of Black Mirror. 

Hiba out. Screw this.



      1. Ah Alhamdulilah indeed! I’m sure you did amazing in said papers, as you do.
        I start my last semester in a bit. Can’t wait to make it out of the hamster wheel…

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