something cool and deep about resilience

I’m pretty good at rolling with the punches, especially as I’ve gone through the works.

This punch was something so different.

Ever had something happen that was so wildly out of control and you’ve to somehow grin and go along with it? You’ve been served injustice on a plate but no, you should be grateful you get to eat in the first place.

Rectifying something that wasn’t in your control, wasn’t your fault. It’s just so wrong.

I’ve a strong sense of justice. This is what it is, I’ve been played by a system and instead of acknowledging the system is at fault, I have to pick up the God damned pieces.

I can now go chase after the injustice for a resolution, for better or worse, and risk it all. Or, as the system wants me to, I can put my head down and take it.

For the first time, I have to play it safe. The stakes are so bloody high. I have to swallow this harsh reality; that sometimes, you can build a bicycle with what you had, but someone will come along and give you what you were missing to build a plane, and ask why you never bothered to make a plane in the first instance.

Somehow, I should have known better.

But so be it, if this is how it’s gotta be, so be it.

But oh boy, do I feel dirty, used and, well, helpless.

And that’s what they wanted.

I can’t make peace with this decision to let this injustice fly by. I want to challenge it. But anyone with an ounce of logic knows that’s the dumb thing to do here.

The only hopeful spin I can put on this is – the system can play you. Don’t play the system back. Because look, I’ll live. We’re made of stronger stuff than that.

And Allah knows best.


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