Use my head alongside my heart: the sequel

A lot of these are influenced by real life conversations.

I’ve written something under the same title (it was a bit of a mess, whatever the hell I was on about is pretty much null and void now lol) a while ago.

I’m so indecisive, ask anyone who’s had the pleasure of going to an eatery with myself, if you even manage to get me to choose a place to begin with.

It’s always the ”what ifs”. This is why you should only ever take me to a place that isn’t halal with limited vegetarian options.

That’s because my heart is my brain. I will say ”that feels right” more often than not. I don’t make decisions based on logic and rationale, I use my heart.

But it’s fine when you’re in a restaurant and your poor decisions made on the basis of the name of the menu item only affects you.

For the heart can be wrong.

I’ve made pretty epic decisions based on ”that feels right”. And although sometimes they’ve worked out, other times they haven’t – and with butterfly consequences.

I really can’t afford to take that risk anymore, especially with the mountain of consequences with the decisions I’ve made. Honestly, yes, you can’t trust your heart. Never put that guy in the driver’s seat, he’s breaking speed limits.

Still, when deciding between two things, you have to take emotion into account.

Your own emotions.

No one else’s.

please don’t ever question that.

you don’t owe anyone anything. you owe yourself the knowledge you did what was best by you. you will know when it isn’t right, no one else possibly could. that regret permeates the soul, hangs by you forever. the noose around your neck that will. not. come. off.

Trust your heart, use your head too. And above all, isn’t that what istikhara is for? Allahu Alam.



  1. Oh my…
    I’m in a situation you know… to make one big really big decision..
    And I always take my decisions based on what satisfies my heart…
    But I don’t know anymore…
    This post just stirred the same anxiety in me again by reminding me I’ve to make a decision…

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    1. Hiba…
      Man, I feel for you.
      Right, something else I was told that really helped put things into perspective.
      Imagine you’re 80 years old, you’ve lived most of your life. You’re chilling in an armchair, talking to one of your kids via hologram or something. Does 80 year old Hiba, sitting there, have regrets about the choice she made at this decision point?
      If she does, you should probably go with it.

      At the end of the day, instinct does play a HUGE role. But always take a measured, calculated look and decide – will this actually work, is there concrete grounds?

      insha’Allah Allah will guide you to what’s best for you. And if that doesn’t happen, it’ll be a great learning experience anyway.

      And yo, you have my IG, if you need an ear, I’m here 💕❤

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      1. Yeah about IG, I’ll first find the time to change my password for it, and then I’ll start using it again… Apparently I shared that password with someone and now we don’t really have much to do with each other anymore, and I don’t want him entering my account and reading my chats.
        And yeah, inshaAllah, may Allah guide us to what ever is best for all of us.. AAMEEN

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