Three years old.

Three year olds reach that weird age where they are still too young to know any better but old enough to say/do the dumbest stuff ever. They’ll yell out incoherent babble. Complain. They’re still very adorable and endearing.

Not unlike this very blog.

08/07/2014 was when this site joined the throes of those damn millennials coming into our internets and stealing our domains. Joined the blogosphere, the hashtag-blog-lyfe.

It was born mostly out of boredom. I was writing a lot since 13/14, a frequenter of online sites where you had communities (over my dead body will I name any). As I grew older and aforementioned online sites and their communities did not satisfy the desire to write and share, I joined wordpress.

I haven’t much to say, if I’m honest. This year was kind of special because I let real people into this site. Last year, I had a 150 odd strangers and a few friends reading this blog. Now, I’ve 200 odd strangers reading this site and familiar faces in the mix.

It’s really nice. I’ve been consistent this year, mostly because I’d be yelled at by you-lot-know-who-you-are to actually write. All of the writing is either my life or a friends.

In ”On Writing”, by Stephan King, the one thing he says is important for a writer to do is to write honestly.

I’ve always written ”honestly”, but this was the first time I’ve written ”openly”. Doors unlocked and open. Susan from 6th class is now welcome to read my blog. It’s public property.

Another thing Stephan King said was a good idea was to have someone who you could count on to tell you what you wrote was garbage.

I can’t start an honor roll, but my day-ones know who they are. The Stats tab don’t lie but who needs a Stats tab when I have you losers?

I got no special thing for the anniversary. Take this random piece of whatever. I’m not even that late, it’s like 3 hours late. That is desi standard time.

On that, I’m going cold for the next two-ish weeks. Depends. My head is not in the game and time is ticking. A duaa or two would be nice, ease my trials etc. I’ve whined a lot over the last while, you can piece it together or just make a duaa, I ain’t picky. That’s right, I’m not asking you for money. Thank me later.

And 400 words of trash, by God you people really don’t have anything better to be doing.

Here’s to three more years of blogging. And beyond.

peace out.

(stick around to see if I make it to my 1/25th life identity crisis. changing the blog name and url soon because I’ve taped over both so I don’t have to come to terms with the 17 year old who named the blog as such.)

(also, special hello to the Russians that seem to stumble onto my site according to Stats, don’t hack pls thx.)

(and how my views and likes/shares/comments/interactions never seem to align, hello nameless stalkers, identify yourselves for me will you. Just because you are characters, doesn’t mean you have character.)

(final note wallahi: I am tired, if this makes no sense that’s because it shouldn’t. shoot now its 500 words ah well. This was supposed to wrap up the toddler analogy but I think this does in a very ironic way so I’ll just roll with it.)




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